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My goal is to help you re-structure your life and let go of thoughts and feelings that  undermine you, so that a renewed and fulfilled you can emerge. With extensive experience in consulting, managing & life coaching my individualised approach will guide you, so that you may attain your goals. Finding the answers to a truly fulfilled life of freedom, love, joy and success.


Professionalism and Experience

As a professionally trained and experienced Law of Attraction, Life Coach, I have the tools and understanding to help you to create the life you imagine and get a renewed sense of yourself. I base my coaching & guidance round the Universal Laws, which will help you understand, heal & create the life you want. You are the key to your success and I can help you reset your life so that it is filled with Health, Vitality and Enthusiasm.


Supportive Journey

Finding the answers to your lifes' purpose & or career path can be overwhelming. The key is knowing who you truly are. As you discover your lifes' gifts & skills  you gain clarity & the knowing of how to move forward and expand on your lifes'purpose. When you have Clarity - The Knowing - you are able to Expand to be the person you were born to be. Reach out and let me guide you to your truth. 


My name is Rachelle Salthouse & I'm a Universal, Law of Attraction, Life Coach & Guide. Empowering women with peace of mind & body to find there true Life Purpose. Are you Feeling TIRED ? STRESSED ? or STUCK ? You deserve a life of vitality, abundance & freedom. 

I offer personalised one to one Coaching, via digital / online & free conference call services. All you need is a mobile phone or WhatsApp & internet / Wifi. I offer 1 free session of 40 minutes to confirm my services, match your needs and thereafter the package rate chosen will apply. I believe I will attract and coach both individuals & groups who are longing to know there life purpose and or want to make a difference in their communities and the world. First lets discover your true gifts & life's purpose / career. I also offer face to face - group sessions - at meeting venues, locally in the South East of England. 


1-2-1 Coaching

4-8 Sessions: £80 per 60 minute session

9-12 Sessions:£70 per 60 minute session

Group Sessions

4-8 Sessions: £60 per 60 minute session

9-12 Session: £50 per 60 minute session

Please note 1-2-1 sessions are online or by phone. Any other requests please email.

Group sessions, are face to face based on minimum numbers, please request a quote. 


To meet & discuss packages, please email

My divine purpose, is for all to be guided with the knowledge and clarity of finding and expanding there lives purpose, with peace of mind & body.



Nicole Kopke


 What I love about Rachelle is her steady focus on supporting my goals. When I started the session I was rather confused and insecure about how to build confidence and access my inner strength in order to be able to build my Nia dance business. The coaching sessions with Rachelle brought me such clarity about my potential and talents. She taught me exactly how to consciously, creatively and NATURALLY attract my dance community members. Once I understood, that I hold the key for defining my future, it got easier and easier to build my dream business. Love and enthusiasm is my fuel. Rachelle continually supported  me on defining what exactly I wanted. Once I got clear about what I want AND I was confident enough to ask Life for it, things turned out just beautiful. It is amazing to witness how my emotions and visions cause the outcome. Stunning! Thanks Rachelle for believing in my power to determine my happiness. I still love to call you rocket-lady because you are so fierce about leading me and other women to reach for our dreams.

Nicole Kopke - Germany 

Deborah Smith


 Rachelle is an amazing coach who keeps you focused and figures out the best technique or exercise to use when you are completely stuck.  The techniques used were fantastic and truly made a difference in helping me move forward. People really underestimate the power of having a coach by your side. I recommend Rachelle 100% and hope more people invest in themselves by working with a coach.  Whatever your dream You will achieve so much more and so much faster by working with Rachelle.

Deborah Smith, Newcastle upon Tyne  - UK

Emmily Akech


 I must first of all thank our Universal Manager for connecting us. Its such a wonderful experience knowing you and then listening to your coaching,  I felt so much at ease l was so much relaxed and l realise there was a higher power connecting us together, it was an amazing experience.

Thank you for believing in me and pushing me to be the best person l could be. Thank you for not only teaching me more and directing me to my life's purpose I was sincerely touched by your dedication. You are so wonderful and may God bless you so much.

I enjoyed every moment of our conversation  and was always looking forward to our next call. Through your coaching l rediscovered myself and realised who Emmily really is. I can tell you that l used to be a workaholic and didn't even have time for myself or love myself. I was so impressed by the seven universal laws. I learnt that sometimes the only thing that changes in a situation is me and that is enough to change everything having the right attitude. And acknowledging the good that is already in your life is the foundation of all abundance.  I also realised that what truly defines us is pure consciousness, pure awareness and pure spirit untouchable. I just need to be strong, practice patience , meditate, commune with nature and release judgement. I just feel at peace with myself and everyone, you are such a blessing to me.

Not only did these lessons helped me during the two months seasons we've done the coaching, but they have positively impacted my life for a brighter future, something am so much proud of and l will forever be grateful to you. Am looking forward to connect with you as we work together on our vision to bring light and love in the lives of vulnerables in Kenya.

Once again A BIG THANK YOU.

Love and light💕❤ Emmily Akech

Kenya - Africa



Unknown to me, in 2016 a group of woman in a city called Kisumu in Kenya, were volunteering their love and support to vulnerable young woman and girls. These woman are not only highly qualified in there professions but also work full time and are all mums, offering their love & support in there community.

One of my hearts desire was to empower woman & children in Africa & I was introduced to Emmily a lady from Kenya. I discovered her heart and when coaching Emmily she discovered her life purpose. With this amazing connection and understanding I now support this wonderful Community Based Organisation in Kisumu Kenya. 

The name, the vision, all fell into place and the additional L in Universal represents Love.

I travelled to Kenya to meet the wonderful Emmily and the members of the CBO. I was humbled, as I was face to face with the great poverty and need in Kenya. 

My vision is to empower woman not only to empower their lives, with my coaching & guidance, but  to empower their children, families & communities. 

The mission is to create “Universall Light Houses” in every needed community. 

If you are interested in this creation please email:



The Mission

To empower vulnerable & abused children and youths, with a focus on young women and girls and provide them with love, education & hope for a better future that is full of light.

THE  VISION is to strive towards achieving long lasting influence among the vulnerable young women, girls and children within Kisumu City slums in order for them to realise their full potential in society.

About 42% of girls below 18 years in Kisumu county drop out of school every year. Out of this 30% are found within Kisumu City and specifically in the slums areas of Manyatta , Obunga and Nyallenda.  According to latest statistics, about 33.3% of girls have dropped out of school in the last 2 years & found themselves in child prostitution or living in severe Poverty.   

As part of giving love to the world, please donate by visiting the website: and click on the just giving link: to discuss further, please email me on


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